Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review

This is Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review of the few people who are satisfied with this product

This bow is the way to go. It takes a little while to sight it in, but once that's done you ll hit the bull 8/10 times. I ve set mine to to 60 yards on the top end and shoot 6 inch groups all day. Best deal for the price hands down. You won't be disappointed.
--By Brandon--

Received my Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package for Christmas, it took several days to be able to set it up and head to the woods but found it very easy to put in service. Found the Red Dot Sights to be very accurate to the point that it surprised me to say the least. In just a few turns I had all bolts in the center of the target to the point that I was concerned that I would be hiting another bolt....I took it to the woods but failed to see a deer so I'm still looking for my first kill. I generally take my deer with a 12ga at 20 yds, yea I know, can't miss, never have and I'm 71. When I was young and dumb I made long shots but got tired of spending most of the day trying to find my kill. I'm right on with my Jackal at 30 yards so I'm thinking that will be my longest shot.....I'm thinking I'll do well with my Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package.....
Barnett Jackal Crossbow Review
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--By Gene--

Awesome bow for the price. It is accurate and I killed a doe the first morning using it. The deer only ran about 20 yards. I am using 100 grain muzzy 3 blade broadheads with 20" Barnett/Easton Headhunter arrows. The red dot scope that comes on it is not the greatest, but it works for now.
--By Mike--

I am new to crossbows, before this one i had never shot one, i got friends that have them and they love it. i read the reviews and compared specs to other crossbows, and settled with this one, i didnt want to spend a whole lot incase i didnt like it. As it turns out, i love this weapon, its very accurate right out of the box, comes with everything u need to get started except broadheads for hunting. you do get practice tips and one tube of wax. you need to wax string every 5-10 shots, sounds like a chore but its not, wax tube is like chapstick and easy to apply. Buy a redhot roller cocker with it and its almost effortless to cock the 150lb bow. useing fingers is possible but fingers were sore after 5 times and didnt want to do it again. i designated 1 of the 3 arrows for practice by marking the fletching with a sharpie, used the same arrow and tip for practice over and over, even shot thru my target and into an aluminum table, and didnt dull the tip, or ruin the fletching. it is very powerful and you need to have an good target and backstop. was easy to sight in, took only 3 shots. since i bought this ive also shot a horton CB it had alittle more quality but end results were the same, i think this one was slighly more powerful even. my string is well waxed and i havent had a problem with it holding up, shot about 50 times so far with the same arrow, its still sharp as new oddly enough. this CB and string will be good for many years if properly waxed. if your debating on getting this one over something more expensive, stop, this CB is more then enough to take a deer, and quality enough to shoot consistantly all day for cheap fun. and almost cost nothing to shoot unlike guns. its very easy to master so you can be a good shot in just a few shots. then you get bored shooting your target and will want to hunt with it.
--By Lukyss--

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Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package Specification

  • Velocity: 315 feet per second
  • Draw weight: 150 pounds
  • Energy: 95 foot pounds
  • Power stroke: 12 inches
  • Arrow length: 20 inches
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 26.5 inches (LxW)
  • Weight:7.7 pounds
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